Goodridge & Williams – Western Grains Canadian Whisky

Goodridge & Williams – Western Grains Canadian Whisky


3.9 out of 5
Overall Score
3.9 out of 5


3.9 out of 5


  • Type: Whisky
  • Brand: Goodridge & Williams
  • Pros:

    Nice mellow flavours with a hint of bourbon, honey and stone fruit

  • Cons:

    A bit hot. Could use more bourbon character from the barrel.

  • Conclusion:

    A solid first release from Goodridge & Williams

G&W Distilling Western Grains WhiskyGoodridge & Williams – Western Grains Canadian Whisky

Goodridge & Williams, also known as G&W, is a distillery out of Delta BC best known for the Tempo Renovo Gin, Sid’s Vodka and Nutrl Vodka and coolers. Entering the Whisky game, their first release is called the Western Grains. Made from Western Canadian grains and aged in ex-Jack Daniels Bourbon barrels the label depicts notes of new wood, stone fruit, toffee and honey.

The colour is an amber colour with a caramel hue, darker than you would expect for a whisky of this age. On the nose there is an aroma of oak, vanilla, bourbon spice, cornbread and dried fruit. A heat comes through on the nose contrasted with the bourbon and vanilla character. The flavour is less intense than the nose. Here a newish oak flavour comes with honey, stone fruit, subtle vanilla and that same bourbon-esque cornbread flavour. The oak character is reminiscent of wood chips with a distinct woodiness that overshines any ex-bourbon character.

This whisky has some young heat to it but shows the signs of a quality whisky early on. The base spirit has a mellowness and residual sweetness that helps bring out the barrel character. While some purists may not be willing to accept this into the ranks of its Scottish Elders, there will surely be great things to come from Goodridge & Williams in the years to come.

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G&W Distilling Western Grains Whisky G&W Distilling Western Grains Whisky


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