The Liberty Distillery – Railspur No. 3 Spike "Whiskey"

The Liberty Distillery – Railspur No. 3 Spike "Whiskey"


Liberty Distillery Railspur No. 3 Spike 'WhiskeyRailspur No. 3 Spike ‘Whiskey’

Railspur No. 3 Spike begins with 100% organic BC barley and triple-distilled in our single copper pot still; it is then barrel aged for just under one year in used 220-litre Bourbon barrels to slowly gain character, complexity and colour. Inspired by the unique spirits indigenous to other countries, Railspur No. 3 Spike is a twist on traditional whiskey. Not having met the mandatory three year mark, this young (almost) whiskey is drawn from barrel early to create a mouth-filling assortment of enticing flavours.

Distiller’s Tasting Notes at the still (63% alc./vol.):
On the nose, richness from the Bourbon barrel is revealed flirting with the young barley based spirit. On the palate, subtle flavours of vanilla, caramel, and cacao bean present themselves, culminating in a lingering graham cracker finish.

In The Bottle (45% alc./vol.):
Railspur No. 3 Spike has a complex aroma of barley, wood and spice. It is a full-flavoured, full-bodied, amber-coloured whiskey with a rich, intense nose. It will astonish your palate with flavours of vanilla, sarsaparilla, dried fruit and nuance. At 45% alc./vol. one sip reveals an intricate bouquet with a smooth muscular body and a powerful long finish that will delight all spirit aficionados, masters of mixology, and those who dare.

Liquor Style – White Spirit
ABV – 45%
Bottle Size – 750ml
Distillery Location – Granville Island, Vancouver BC.

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