Central City Distillers – Seraph Gin

Central City Distillers – Seraph Gin


Central City Distillers – Seraph Gin

central city seraph ginThe Spirit

Spirit from 100% BC malted barley that was re-distilled through our own recipe of carefully chosen botanicals

Starting with a wash of all BC malted barley, Central City Distillers distill through two separate distilling columns of 4 and 20 bubble plates. We then distill once more in a small copper pot still where the vapours pass through a basket filled with our unique blend of botanicals

Tasting Notes

Notes of piney juniper give way to a citrus backbone with hints of chicory roast.

Classically enjoyed with tonic, our gin can also be drunk neat or as part of a range of cocktails.

On The Label

A spirit whose flavour is derived from a mix of botanicals, the primary component of which is Juniper, it’s name derives from the Dutch Jenever meaning juniper.

central city seraph gin
Liquor Style – Craft Gin
ABV – 40%
Bottle Size – 750ml
Distillery Location – Surrey BC
Price – $44.40

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