Deep Cove Craft Distillery's Brett Jamieson – 10 Questions

Deep Cove Craft Distillery's Brett Jamieson – 10 Questions

10 Questions With Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers’ Head Distiller – Brett Jamieson


Deep Cove main still1. What is your name and position at Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers

Brett Jamieson – Head Distiller

2. Give us a brief history of how you got to where you are today as a distiller?

I got my job here at Deep Cove by showing up everyday and helping out until they decided to hire me. I guess a combination of persistence and annoyance got me hired.

3. What type of spirit are you most passionate about and why?

Bourbon and American Whiskeys – specifically from the West Coast. The quality of small batch craft spirit coming out of Washington, Northern California, and Oregon is really inspiring. Dry Fly and Big Bottom are two of my favourites currently.

Deep Cove Distillery4. Describe the distillery that you are currently using.

We have two Holstein stills. The bigger of the two (350L) has two reflux columns; a 15 plate and a 6 plate brandy column. The smaller still is a gooseneck into a 5 plate reflux.

5. Why do you use two different stills to make spirits?

The two stills have drastically different character. The big still is almost always running neutral grain spirit or vodka. The smaller still is reserved for gin, brandy, and botanical spirits.

6. What makes Deep Cove craft spirits unique among the other offerings on the market?

We approach distilling the same way we approach brewing; a hybrid of tradition and experimentation. We like to distill traditional spirits with a bit of a unique twist to them. Our Vodka has a gentle sweetness on the finish, the Gin is Mediterranean influenced, and our Absinthe has a pleasant spruce character to pair with the traditional anise. We don’t want to be white noise, but we also don’t want to be brash with our spirits. That balancing act is what we strive for: unique but familiar.

7. What inspires you most when designing a new craft spirit?

Our inspiration comes from all over. When one person gets inspired it is contagious. There are very few spirits that aren’t coming from a collaborative place. For me personally, it is most inspiring to think in terms of individual cocktails. For example, we are working on an amaro that we are tailoring for boulevardiers.

8. What do you see as being the greatest opportunity for growth in BC Craft Spirits?

BC Craft Distilling is limited by legislation. Some spirits, like rum, aren’t feasible within the strictures of these laws. The interesting thing going forwards will be how each distillery carves out a niche within these limits. As well, this will genuinely showcase what a 100% BC spirit can be.

Deep Cove Craft Brewery and Distillery Tasting Lounge9. What is your favourite spirit right now?

Of ours, my favourite spirit is “Freyja” the Akvavit. Locally, I really love the Long Table Cucumber Gin. Overall, I am a sucker for a really well done whisky: Ardbeg Uigeadail, Big Bottom Port Cask, or Noah’s Mill are my kryptonite.

10. Can you provide any insight into what might be coming up soon from Deep Cove?

We have partnered with a farm from British Columbia to make what will be our staple whisky. They have been around for 100 years, are certified organic, and grow incredible heirloom grain varieties. The recipe is based around their Red Fife Wheat and will be 100% organic.


To learn more about Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers visit Better yet, stop in and say hello at 2270 Dollarton Highway #170 North Vancouver, BC V7H 2M9

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