Odd Society Spirits- Wallflower Gin

Odd Society Spirits- Wallflower Gin


  • Type: Gin
  • Brand: Odd Society
  • Conclusion:

    An aromatic gin with a lightness and very enjoyable flavour

Odd Society Spirits- Wallflower Gin

Odd Society wallflower ginThe Spirit

Odd Society uses a variety of botanicals from the West Coast and around the world to create Wallflower, including rose petals, lavender, and elderflower.

Some botanicals are steeped and distilled directly, while other more delicate botanicals (like flowers) are placed in a gin basket so the vapors rising from below extract their flavourful oils. The result of these two great gin-making traditions is a unique character that is rich and aromatic, yet light and refreshing. We can’t wait for you to meet her.

Tasting Notes

A light and aromatic craft gin that is perfect for a gin martini or straight up.

On The Label

Wallflower gin is a shy coastal beauty

Crafted from the grain up, this complex introvert is made from our 100% BC-grown barley spirit infused with west coast and international botanicals. Wallflower is distilled in small bathes in a specially designed copper pot still that combines two great gin-making traditions – maceration and vapour extraction. The result is a craft spirit that is rich and aromatic, yet light and refreshing.

Odd Society wallflower ginLiquor Style – Craft Gin
ABV – 44%
Bottle Size – 750ml
Distillery Location – Vancouver BC.
Price – $49.90

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