G&W Distilleries – Sid's Vodka

G&W Distilleries – Sid's Vodka


G&W Distilleries – Sid’s Vodka

G&W Distilleries Sids VodkaThe Spirit

Sid’s Vodka is a local, craft spirit with smooth flavour and a price that fits your wallet.

Tasting Notes

A Vodka made from BC grown wheat and malt Sid’s Vodka is a great vodka for mixing yet remains smooth enough to sip if you are into it!

On The Label

My dad encouraged me to execute everything to the best of my ability. To him I was simply known as Sid. I’ve done my best to bring you this expression of craft vodka, fermented from local wheat and malt, and painstakingly distilled in the traditional way using a 600 litre copper pot still. I hop you enjoy it, Sid.


Sid’s Vodka captures the true essence of what craft distilling is all about: using locally sourced ingredients and making them shine. There is a beautiful balance of sweet and spicy grain notes achieved by using both wheat and malted barley. Notes of vanilla, chocolate, banana, and clove are present, followed by a gentle warming sensation. Truly one of the best vodkas on the market to date. This is a product that I fully stand behind and recommend to my friends, my colleagues, and my customers. A must try for anyone who enjoys quality spirits done the right way.” –Jordan Cran, Spirits Manager, Legacy Liquor Store Vancouver

G&W Distilleries Sids Vodka Liquor Style – Craft Vodka
ABV – 40%
Bottle Size – 750ml
Distillery Location – Delta, BC
Price – $28.15

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