The Liberty Distillery – Truth Oat Vodka

The Liberty Distillery – Truth Oat Vodka


Liberty Distillery Truth Oat VodkaLiberty Distillery – Distiller’s Reserve – Truth Oat Vodka

Product Description
Inspired by our love for clean, pure spirits and a recipe dating back to 1842, Distiller’s Reserve – TRUTH Vodka is distilled in small batches from 100% Organic BC Oats. Triple-distilled using our copper pot still and 16-plate rectification column, we intentionally use only the heart of the ‘hearts’ when making the ‘distiller’s cuts’ for TRUTH. This ensures the highest level of purity while maintaining the delicate oat flavour. The spirit is chill-filtered with activated charcoal to give a smooth, full rounded character. Infused with BC coastal mountain water, the finished spirit is smooth, clean and lightly sweet – the perfect base for a classic Martini, neat, or a lively cocktail.

Distiller’s Tasting Notes at the still (95% alc./vol.):
The “Hearts” cut begins with a creamy oat character that subtly evolves to showcase delicate nutty notes with a hint of vanilla, and gradually gains complexity with a clean long-lasting finish.

In The Bottle (45% alc./vol.):
Clear. Full-bodied vodka with delicate aromas of vanilla, nut, and citrus with a long silky finish. Smooth. Balanced. Distinctive.

Liquor Style – Craft Vodka
ABV – 45%
Bottle Size – 750ml
Distillery Location – Granville Island, Vancouver BC.

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