The Liberty Distillery – Truth Vodka

The Liberty Distillery – Truth Vodka


The Liberty Distillery – Truth Vodka

liberty distillery truth vodkaThe Spirit

The Liberty Distillery  hand crafted vodka made from 100% Organic BC-grown wheat, is carefully fermented in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to copper stills. After a minimum of three distillations to ensure the highest level of purity the spirit is chill filtered with activated charcoal to give a smooth, full mouth rounded character. With the purest BC grain and the cleanest BC coastal mountain water, the finished spirit is supremely smooth, clean and lightly sweet – the perfect base for a classic Martini or a lively cocktail.

Tasting Notes

The ‘Hearts’ cut begins with a strong wheat character that quickly evolves into delicate notes of vanilla then gradually gains complexity with a clean fresh finish.

On The Label

Brilliantly clear. Delicate aromas of vanilla, nougat and citrus. Silky, dry, medium body with a long lasting creamy and delicate finish. Extremely clear, smooth and long lasting.

liberty distillery truth vodkaLiquor Style – Craft Vodka
ABV – 42%
Bottle Size – 375ml
Distillery Location – Granville Island, Vancouver BC.
Price – $28.40

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