Victoria Spirits – Oaken Gin

Victoria Spirits – Oaken Gin


  • Type: Gin
  • Brand: Victoria Spirits
  • Conclusion:

    A traditional gin with a twist - Oak Barrel Aging!

Victoria Spirits – Oaken Gin

victoria spirits oaken ginThe Spirit

The team at Victoria Spirits has taken their well known Vic Gin — a youthful, award winning spirit — and allowed it to mature gracefully in new American oak barrels until it is amber in colour and beautifully smooth.  Behind the portrait of a more mature Queen Victoria is a spirit that’s softened with vanilla notes from the oak, full and buttery, with a caramel sweetness.

Tasting Notes

A smooth gin is made even smoother with an added body kick through oak aging. The Oaken Gin takes what we love in a traditional gin and given it an earth twist through an oak barrel aging process.




victoria spirits oaken ginLiquor Style – Gin
ABV – 45%
Bottle Size – 375ml
Distillery Location – Victoria, BC
Price – $39.90

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